I understand 2 main intents

🟩 I need 

something new

Request about account or new hardware / software

🟥 Support –

Something is broken

Request for IT support (issue, operative support, how to)

Need more help ?

Contact the Service Desk (available 5/7 on business hours).

Toll free numbers

For France, call 0805 103 227

For Italy, call 800 275 351

Other countries, call 00800 82348234

Shortcuts to find tips I sent you before

Since I’ve been installed on your Microsoft Teams application, I’ve sent some IT tips to all of you. 

Here are the shortcuts you can type in the conversation to view these tips again

Tip name
How to schedule emails in Outlook?
schedule email
How to activate copy/paste history in Windows?
How to flag a spam email in Outlook?
What are my IT support options?