Webinar #5

Chatbot and QWL: perfect match!

A program with a twist

  • 12:45-50: General presentation of Vizir
  • 12h50-55: Why is the chatbot a very suitable tool to address health and QWL issues?
  • 12h55-13h10 : Presentation of YesWeShare & Demo of bots in action
  • 1:10 – 3:00 p.m.: Practical exercise in eye yoga
  • 13:15-20: Practical self-massage exercise
  • 13:20-30 : Questions / Answers

Your takeouts while watching this replay

  1. Understand why the chatbot is a very suitable tool to address your health and QWL issues?
  2. Know the various ways in which you can improve the QWL in your company

All our speakers are rock stars in our eyes

Webinar hosted by:

  • Gaëlle Bassuel, Founder & CEO @YesWeShare
  • Antoine Thoreau, CMO @Vizir.co