Webinar #3

Integrating a chatbot into your ITSM Qualiparc

A program with a twist

  • 14h00 – 14h05 : General presentation of Metaline
  • 14h05 – 14h10 : General presentation of Vizir
  • 14h10 – 14h20 : Demonstration of ChatbotVizir with Qualiparc.net ITSM integration
  • 14:20 – 14:30: Demonstration of the Vizir Dashboard
  • 14h30 – 14h40 : Presentation of Qualiparc.net news
  • 14:40 – 15:00 : Questions / Answers

Your takeouts while watching this replay

  1. Understand the advantages of a chatbot to optimize your IT support processes
  2. Visualize how the Qualiparc x Vizir integration allows to : (i) create a ticket and/or material request in natural language, (ii) check the status of your application to avoid duplication and time wasting, (iii) easily and intuitively access knowledge about its organization.

All our speakers are rock stars in our eyes

Webinar hosted by:

  • Emmanuel Brisset, General Manager of Metaline Software Division @ Metaline
  • Emeric Ollive, Bot Manager @ Vizir.co
  • Nicolas Bouchet, Sales Director @ Vizir.co