Update the knowledge of its chatbot? "It's very easy."

During a webinar hosted by Vizir highlighting Transgourmet’s feedback following its implementation of an IT chatbot and with our partner Isilog (see the full replay of this webinar), a participant asked the following question:

In terms of managing documentation via FAQs, in parallel with the chatbot implementation, do we have support on the Isilog side to help us format the FAQs, in relation to bot enrichment?

In the video above, Sacha answers the question by explaining what the two types of methods are for bringing knowledge into his chatbot. It also mentions the possibility of connecting directly to Sharepoint or equivalent solutions.

Antoine Perdreau from Isilog completes by explaining that the online help or the training programs allow to manage this in the IWS tool, knowing that Vizir has a direct API access to the FAQ sections updated in IWS.

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