A team of chatbot experts at your service

Trust a team specialized in the development, sale and implementation of chatbots for businesses.

Team members

Here are the Vizier experts listed in order of appearance in the team: 

  1. Benoit – CTO and co-founder: in charge of all Vizir technology
  2. Thomas – CEO and co-founder: Swiss Army knife
  3. Laurent – Software engineer : in charge of major features on our product 
  4. Sacha – bot manager: responsible for chatbots at our clients’ sites
  5. Nicolas – sales manager: in charge of seducing you
  6. Emeric – bot manager: responsible for chatbots at our customers’ sites 
  7. Antoine – CMO: if you are on this page, it is thanks to him !
  8. Juan – Growth manager: helps Antoine spread the word
  9. Raphael – Sales: in charge of seducing you
  10. Gaston – Developer: in charge of the front-end of the platform.

Concretely, here is how it works if you book a chatbot demo with us:

  1. You will have Nicolas or Raphaël or Thomas on the phone
  2. He will be your contact numero uno until you sign with Vizier
  3. As soon as you sign BOOM it’s Sacha and Emeric who take over.
  4. Everything you tell Emeric and Sacha (bugs, ideas for new features, wildest dreams) will be repeated in a team meeting to see how we can improve the product in order to fully satisfy you.