PUSH bot

Send push messages with your chatbot and get a 90% open rate

Get your messages across with unparalleled efficiency by sending push notifications via chatbot.

They send push messages with Vizir


Coach your users on your tools and processes

Your chatbot is the companion of your employees, directly in your instant messaging application. Take advantage of it to send useful tips and tricks to coach your colleagues on IT, HR, legal or financial topics.

Change management

Broadcast your news and updates

Your chatbot is a great communication tool. Take advantage of this efficient channel to broadcast your news and updates.

Preventive maintenance

Notify your users of occasional problems

Use your chatbot to notify your users of specific problems. This way you will avoid many similar requests and tickets.

Install your chatbot on
Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Webex,...

Deploy your chatbot on your internal instant messaging, on your website, on your intranet or on your social network pages.

The most beautiful companies send
push notifications with Vizir

IT support

For teams that want to support employees in the digitalization of processes.


HR support

For teams who want to help their colleagues master all of the company’s internal HR topics.


Product support

For teams who want to help their users on the adoption of a product or service.