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They created a chatbot on Teams

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The best place to put your internal chatbot

The interest of a chatbot is to be the single interface for your employees for IT, HR, Finance, etc.

And today, Microsoft Teams is the number one internal communication tool on the market.

If you are on this page, you are looking to put your chatbot in Teams.

And this is already a good step towards success!

Easy to install

Vizir allows you to install your chatbot on Teams in just a few minutes.

The only prerequisite is to have administrator access (you must have access to the Teams App Studio).

Then you will follow our guide (which we will send you if you leave us your email) and PAF, the chatbot is in Teams.

Subtleties that make the difference

If the technical part is simple, there are subtleties that can make the (big) difference.

Your must start on a good foundation, seduce an audience (acquisition) and then provide ever greater value (retention).

Here is a little secret trick to optimize the acquisition:

pin bot microsoft teams

Teams allows you to pin your chatbot application in the side navigation bar: so the chatbot will be present constantly for all your collaborators (or certain teams that you choose)!

No more sending a conversation link, or asking to search for the chatbot in the search bar.

This trick will allow you to massively boost the use of your chatbot.

Our team still has plenty of other surprises in store.

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