Make dynamic carousels

Here’s how to present a dynamically filled carousel from an Excel, Airtable or G Sheet!

You have created a chatbot whose content is dynamic and entirely based on a database external to the chatbot (for example airtable).

Let’s imagine that you present to your users news classified by categories. The categories are dynamic and the news too. You want a user to be able to decide on their category of news before accessing the news that corresponds.

1st step :

Retrieve news categories


2nd step:

Place these categories in a carousel in the “category” collection resource


3rd step:

Retrieve the value of the selected category thanks to the click of the carousel button


In the carousel you will have a “Select” button => this information alone may not let you know what the user has selected. This is why we are going to create a special payload for this button:

“Select_” dynamically followed by the name of the category, in your case therefore “{{tag.category.[]}}”

When the user clicks, you will have to extract the right part of “Select_” to retrieve the category selected by the user.


You are going to say to me “Why the hell not put the name of the category directly in the payload of the button without the “Select_” => because carousel payloads automatically create quick actions. If you start having quick actions with simple names, nothing will happen!!

Let’s resume. As soon as I have extracted the right part and retrieved my category, I trigger my workflow to retrieve the news with the correct category.

In Vizir, you can extract the right part with the extract right API action like this:

4th step:

Retrieve the corresponding news thanks to a workflow

5th step:

Place these news in a carousel in the “news” resource


It’s your turn !

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