Install a Vizir chatbot on Facebook Workplace

Here’s how to create a chatbot on your Facebook Workplace space!


Installing a chatbot on Facebook Workplace is quite simple. Just create a new custom integration, fill in a few fields in a savvy fashion, and copy/paste the app ID and app secret into Vizir.

Let’s go to see the details of all this.


Have a chatbot

Be an administrator of your Facebook Workplace

Create a custom integration in Facebook Workplace

La première étape consiste à créer la une intégration personnalisée dans Facebook Workplace. 

Pour ce faire, suivez le screenshot ci-dessous 👇👇

Then fill in the Name and Description for your chatbot.

Connect the Facebook Workplace integration to your Vizir chatbot

Generate an access token, copy it and paste it in Vizir in the field  Share> facebook messengerSECRET APP . 

Set permissions for integrations in Facebook Workplace

Go back to your Workplace administration, on the configuration page of your integration.

In the Integration permissions section, check at least the following boxes:

  • “Read user’s email address”
  • “Contact all members”
  • Consult the professional profile”
  • “Consult the organization chart”
Facebook app permission settings

You can leave the following options as default settings.

facebook workplace options

Configure webhooks to enable message exchanges

Now you need to make your Workplace integration able to send and receive messages to the Vizir platform. All you have to do is configure the webhooks as follows: 

  • Reminder URL:
  • Check token: test_token
  • Check the following permissions:
workplace chatbot webhook

Leave the built-in NLP configured by default. It must be disabled.

You can then edit the security settings according to your internal policy.

Then return to your main Workplace page, to the Conversations tab.

Find the name of the bot, click on it and copy the id that appears in the url (after the /t/) and paste it in Vizir in the Sharing section> facebook messenger> APPID

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