Install a chatbot on Microsoft Sharepoint

Here is how to add the Vizir widget to your company’s Sharepoint space


Installing a widget on Sharepoint is not as easy as on any website (thanks Microsoft)
The concept is, a bit like mobile apps, to publish the app on your Sharepoint app store.

To do this you need to:

1) Send an email to asking to be sent the file vizir-extension-spfx.sppkg

2) install this application on your Sharepoint applications catalog

3) link your chatbot to this application

The whole thing is detailed below!

What you need

The extension only works on SharePoint Online

You must be a SharePoint administrator to install the application

Install the application in the application catalog

Create the App Catalog site collection

Get the Teams application ID and password:

6) On the page that appears, click on Application Catalog

7) If the App Catalog site does not open, select Create a new App Catalog site and select OK

8) On the Create App Catalog site collection page, enter the required information and select OK.

For more information, you can visit this page:

Add the Vizir extension to the application catalog

You can now add your Vizir application to the application catalog.

To do so, always on the application catalog:

1) Click on the Applications for SharePoint menu

2) Click on the Download button and add the file the vizir-extension-spfx.sppkg. If this button does not appear ask your administrator to add you

3) A popup will open and ask you to confirm the installation of the extension. If you use the extension: Click on deploy

5) The application is now installed on your SharePoint application space

Install the Vizir extension on a SharePoint site


L’extension est installée globalement par site. Lorsque l’extension est installée et configurée sur un site, elle sera disponible pour toutes les pages du site.


1) Open the SharePoint site where you want to install Vizir and go to the site content

2) Click on Add an application

3) Click on : My Organization/Vizir Extension

4) Go to and then to Sharing. Enter the URL of your Sharepoint (here

5) Publish your chatbot

6) The extension is now successfully installed and configured, and you can see the Vizir widget in every page.

Here you go !

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