Push a feature to your collaborators

In this article, we will tell you how to push a new feature of the bot to users who have already conversed with the bot.

Step 1 - Retrieve user IDs

Start by copying the configuration file . Log in with a google account then create a copy.

We need to fill in the fields framed in red:

  • Token: Go to your Vizir profile . In the API Connection box, copy the API Token linked to your account.
  • AppID: Go to the Vizir Dashboard. Select your bot and get the ID located in the URL.
    • Ex :
  • Starting Date: Date the bot was put into production.
  • Ending Date: The date on which you export your data.
  • URL DATA: In Dashboard> Export . Export the process data by choosing the “Source” attribute. Validate and copy the link.
retrieve data

You will be asked for permission. Select your Google account.

Press the “Recover Data” button again. Your data should appear as below:

You now have the IDs of users who interacted with your chatbot.

Step 2 - Creation of workflows

Create 2 workflows:

Workflow 1 - GetID

This workflow will retrieve the ID of the users located in column A of your spreadsheet.

Create a step with an action: Google Sheets – Get values range

  • Retrieve the ID of your spreadsheet available in its URL:

  • Define the range like this: YourSheetName!StartCell:EndCell
    Modify the “EndCell” according to the number of IDs retrieved from your spreadsheet.

  • Activate the toggle and change the “majorDimension” parameter to Columns.

Define a response:

  • Save response in attributes

  • Create a tag

Create a second step with the action: Vizier – Iterate on Tag (Loop)

  • Fill in the name of your tag defined above.

  • Name of the object to use in the workflow

  • Enable the toggle for asynchronous operation.

  • The ID of the “Push Feature Auto” workflow on which we will have to iterate. Retrieve its ID present in the URL.

Workflow 2 - Push Feature Auto

Create a step with the action: Vizir – Send feature to respondent

  • Fill in the respondentID: {{iduser} }
    This is the object you defined in the “iterate on tag” action above.

  • Specify the ID of the skill you want to push to your users.

    Ex: Launching an information message concerning a skill FAQ TEAMS

Step 3 - Creating an action skill

You have now set up your spreadsheet and your workflows, you will have to create the skill that performs the action of sending the feature to your users.

Create an action skill as below:

  • Resource ResultOK: Create a message like “Feature push worked”

  • Resource ResultNONOK: Create a message like “Feature push didn’t work”

  • Resource Validation:
    • Operator is equal to ” Validate
    • Workflow: GetID
    • Status Code:
      • If 200: ResultOK
      • Else: ResultNONOK

We are now going to create a quick action that will launch your “TestPushFeature” skill without displaying it in your intro!

This will allow you to cast a skill without it being displayed to users!

In Settings> Quick Actions> Add an action .

Give it a name and tell it which skill it will trigger:

Publish your work. Launch your bot in production and test your quick action:

Félicitations ! Vous avez poussé votre feature à tous les utilisateurs 😉😉

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