Why does the chatbot not understand a question that has been configured?

You trained your chatbot to answer a question but it replies that it did not understand

You have set up a certain number of topics in FAQ or in actions and your chatbot responds that it did not understand?

First of all, you have to understand how the chatbot works.

  1. When a query is typed, the algorithm calculates the probability of finding a parameterized intent (score /1)
  2. If the algorithm finds an intent with a score> 0.5 (default level) then it executes the parameterized logic
  3. If it finds an intent with a score< 0.5 or no intention at all so he says he didn’t understand

If the chatbot responds that it did not understand:

This means that he found an intention with a score< 0.5

If the chatbot responds off the mark:

This means that he has:

  1. Understood a bad intention
  2. Understood the good intention but the adjoining logic is bad

The error can therefore come from two things:

  1. The NLU does not understand the request, or misunderstands it (an entity is missing for example) => you have to train him on the subject
  2. the NLU correctly understands the request and executes the parameterized logic => it is necessary to check that an action is well configured in NLU> Configuration
  3. if an action is well configured, you must check the resource in question (it may contain filter errors, or contains no text for example)

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