Make a 100% Elastic Search bot

Are you making a totally FAQ chatbot? Elastic Search is THE simple and effective solution. Here’s how to do it!

We will take here as an example the creation of a ticket in an ITSM tool

Go back to your skills list and edit the Ticket skill

Choose the Action skill type (it will often be forms)

And yes Elastic Seach is here!!!

Definition of Elastic Search

As we have seen for the skills, the easiest way is to add all the questions you want to ask the user at once.

Don’t panic, if you ever want to add or delete some later, it will be possible.

It’s just that it’s easier mentally to add everything at once for the first setting. Trust us !

At Vizir, there are 3 types of resources for action skills.

Create a 100% Elastic Search chatbot

Now add the questions the chatbot should ask before creating the ticket.

For the example we will ask:

  1. Applicant’s email
  2. The subject of the request
  3. The description of the request

To add them, click on “Create a resource” then select “Collect” because we want to collect information from the user.

It is therefore necessary to deactivate the push button of box 2 “Intent and entity…”

And leave the Search Algorithm enabled,…

Add misunderstanding skill

Petit bonus : n’oubliez pas d’ajouter une compétence d’incompréhension

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