Help your users with self-care procedures

Autonomous resolution (known as self-care for the most start-upers among you) consists of integrating a step-by-step solution scenario into the chatbot, sometimes called a practical guide. Each step in this guide has three response buttons: Problem Solved, Next Step, and Create Ticket. Watch the following video.

1. Create and configure your self care procedure options

1.1 - Access the self care procedures and FAQ options

To begin, in the Settings tab, click Procedure and FAQ options and enable them by checking the only box made available.

1.2 - Activate and configure the problem solved button

Check the Troubleshoot button box and then choose:

  1. button title
  2. the type of the button (to choose its color, see color settings in the design of the bot)
  3. the workflow to trigger when the button is clicked
  4. the content to be accessed after running this workflow

1.3 - Activate and configure the escalation button

Exactly the same concept !!

1.4 - Activate the next button

Same concept with the next button except that you won’t be able to trigger a workflow since it is simply used to move on to the next resource.

You have therefore configured your procedure options at the chatbot level. The buttons will therefore appear automatically in all future scenarios you create!

2. Set up your workflows to handle resolved and unresolved issues

2.1 - Configure your workflow in case of a solved problem

When a problem is solved, I want to receive an email telling me the news and the following two pieces of information :

  1. user ID
  2. the name of the resource on which the latter solved his problem

So I create two actions to create:

  1. to retrieve the name of the resource where the user terminated the process
  2. to send the email with all the info

Problem solved workflow - first action: Retrieve resource from success

By this action get value in tag I retrieve the last value ( last ) of the list resourcesList which contains in order the name of all the resources accessed by the user => This will allow me to retrieve the name of the success resource. I store the response in an attribute named lastResourneName.

WORKFLOW PROBLEM SOLVED - Second action: send the email with the info

2.2 - Configure your escalation workflow

You can do exactly the same thing by just modifying the wording of the email saying that the user HAS NOT RESOLVED THEIR PROBLEM.

3. Create your self care procedure

Now, all you have to do is create a scenario-type skill with as many resources as you have steps in your procedure. You will only have to add the desired texts and images in each of the resources, your buttons will be automatically added and your feedback management workflows operational.

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