Create tickets with a chatbot

In this tutorial, we will see how to integrate a functionality of
ticket creation to your chatbot. For this example, I chose to create tickets in
Trello but it’s possible with any tool that exposes an API!

Create and configure your action skill

Step 1 - Creation of the skill

To get started, in the Skills tab, click create a new skill . Name the Creation Ticket then click on the stylus to edit it.

Step 2 - Selection of the "action" type

Select the action skill type then click on Validate.

Step 3 - creating collection resources

Create a collection resource.

Name this email resource, repeat the operation to obtain the following 4 collection resources:

  1. E-mail
  2. title
  3. description
  4. emergency

Step4 - creating the validation resource

Then create your Validation resource. Its content will be generated automatically from the Collection resources previously created.

Step 5 - configuration of collection resources

Then, you can edit the resources one by one using the stylus, starting with the email resource.

You therefore access the detailed view of the resource where you can edit its messages, choose a response format imposed for the user and activate response suggestions in button formats.

We want the bot to ask, “What is your email address?” and that the user is forced to answer an e-mail and if he does not, to receive an error message. Here is how I set:

Note that the error message is editable but automatically generated from the type of response expected.

Here is the configuration of my title resource:

Here is the configuration of my description resource:

Here is the configuration of my emergency resource:

Step 7 - Add workflow logic in validation

In the Logic tab of my validation resource, I activate a workflow that I configure as follows:

  1. I trigger it when the user clicks Validate
  2. I trigger the create-ticket-trello workflow (I can write it directly in the selector to create the workflow that I will configure in step 8)
  3. I choose Result as the resource to access once my workflow is executed

Then I just have to set up my create-ticket-trello workflow.

Step 8 - Setting up the workflow

To configure the workflow, go to the Workflow tab and edit with the stylus button.

Then, click on Add a step and click on the choose an action drop-down menu. By writing trello you can then choose the action Trello – Create a card .

Edit the action and click on Connect , a page will then open for you to authorize Trello to connect to Vizir with your account => Allow !!

Then, use in this action the attributes retrieved from the bot as follows:

The trello ticket creation workflow is therefore operational. All you have to do is handle the returned API response to display it to the user. To do this, still in the trello step of your workflow, go to the response tab. Click save response to an attribute .

Here, the trello card id will be stored in the Vizir id_ticket attribute.

Step 9 - Parameterization of the result

Finally, we retrieved the result of the trello card creation workflow. We will use it and show it to the user in the resource provided for this purpose, the Result resource. Nothing could be simpler, just call in your Result resource text the result attribute with the mustache notation like this: {{id_ticket} } .

Here is how I set up my Result resource:

From now on, you should obtain the result presented in the introductory video, to your tests !

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