Create an autonomous resolution procedure

Create step-by-step resolution scenario with ticket escalation option and problem solve button.

Autonomous resolution consists of integrating a step-by-step solution scenario into the chatbot. With multiple response buttons: Problem Solved, Next Step and Create Ticket.

Our platform automates the creation of these buttons.

Before you start, we advise you to watch this video:

To create a scripted FAQ:

  • Create your Scenario Skill
  • Create your workflows: create a ticket, problem solved and problem not solved

Once the pop-up window appears, create a new project by assigning it a name:

Ticket Escalation Button> should redirect to creating a ticket and retrieve the step where the user encountered a problem. (To put it automatically in the ticket)

Now you need to configure your freshly created Google project.

Go to the Google Cloud Platform and make sure your project is selected in the banner at the top of the page. If not, select your project.

In answer:

put an attribute name

  • Setting up the ticket creation skill

In order for the support team to know at which stage the user encountered a problem, you can retrieve the tracking attribute with the @tracking or {{tracking} }.

For our customers, for example, we display this attribute in the subject of the ticket.

It’s your turn !

🙏 Pré-Requis

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