Setting up the FAQ skill

In 99% of cases you will want to add an FAQ to your chatbot. A FAQ is when your chatbot answers a question with a simple answer. Question – answer, quite simply. Here we go !

Go back to the skills interface (click on Skills in the breadcrumbs at the top of the screen).

Edit the FAQ skill.

Select type FAQ

Add resources

Add 4 resources:

  1. One that you will call FAQ Menu : it redirects to the 3 resources below
  2. One for wifi
  3. One for PC control
  4. One for contact

Prioritize your resources

Here are the 4 resources created.

In order to allow the chatbot to automatically generate the logic between the resources, they must be prioritized: a bit like in a table of contents.

To do this, shift the 3 resources Wifi, PC and Contact to the right.

Write your content

Start by editing the FAQ Menu resource

Add a message like:

Here are the topics I can help you with. What would you like to see ?

You will see three buttons already present. They are already bound to the created resources. You don’t have to do anything except rename them if you wish.

Then edit the Wifi, PC and contact resources by writing the chatbot message.

Here is my Wifi resource for example:

You can format your text like in Word!

Do the same for the other 2 resources.

Manage FAQ settings

To simplify the life of your users, you can add buttons:

  • back to the previous resource , and
  • back to the main menu .

To do this go to the skill settings and activate the PROCEDURES AND FAQ OPTIONS

You can edit the text of the Menu and Back buttons as you wish.
Then choose the Menu feature from the Logic option linked to the Menu button

Make these resources accessible in natural language

At the moment, your FAQ is only accessible by clicking on buttons.

We will see how to do this for the Wifi resource. You will have to repeat the operation for the other resources:

  1. Edit the Wifi resource
  2. Click on the Understanding tab
  3. In the Redirection space, click on Add couple
  4. In the intention box type wifi then the Enter key on your keyboard

You will then see this:

You now need to give some example sentences to your chatbot so that it understands this subject.

Click on the pen next to Wifi.

Then add 5-10 example sentences on that topic.

Repeat the operation for the PC and contact resources by setting the following intentions:

  • For PC: put pc
  • For Contact: put in contact

Here are screenshots to give you an idea of the sentences you can type.

Once complete for all three resources, click Train NLU at the top right of your screen

Wait a few seconds before you get the notification that validates the training of the model.

Then click Test NLU and type a query to see if the NLU understands the topic.

Type in sample questions (not necessarily the same ones you gave the algorithm) and see if it got it right:

By default, if the score noted below your request is greater than 0.5 then the chatbot has understood the question.

If the score is lower it means that he did not understand and you must add new requests.

Test your skill FAQ

Here you are finished.

It only remains to see if it works well.

To do this, go back to the list of skills and click on the small play button in front of the FAQ skill. A chatbot demo is displayed on your right.

Click on the buttons to see if the logic works well.
And type a natural language query to see if that responds well too.

Si vous avez suivi les étapes correctement, tout devrait fonctionner comme un charme  😇

Allez on passe à l’étape d’après !

next step

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