Open your chatbot in web mode

You have finished and tested your chatbot, now see what it looks like life-size!

Before opening your Chatbot, start by “Publish” this one:

Now that your Chatbot is published, you can “open the chatbot” using the production link:

Test that the FAQ logic works well

Once the chatbot is open, click on FAQ and navigate through it to see if the whole logic works fine.

You should be able to access your Wifi, Contact, and PC resources with two clicks and go back using the Back and Menu buttons.

Test that language comprehension works well

Still in the NLU, type questions on the three topics you have set up.

The chatbot should respond correctly.

Test that the action skill sends an email

Return to the Menu and cast the Ticket skill.

Answer the questions and validate the creation of the ticket.

Then go take a look in your email box to see if you have received the email.

Cheer !

Congratulations and thank you for making it to the end!

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