Integrate your chatbot with Salesforce

Find out how to connect Vizir to Salesforce, to create / modify contacts and deals.

The first thing you need to do to connect to Salesforce , as usual with API integrations, is to create the connected app that will authenticate you.

1. Creating the Salesforce Connected App

  • Once connected to your Salesforce organization, select the toothed wheel at the top right of your screen and choose “Configuration”.
  • In the search bar at the top left, write “app manager” and select Application Manager
  • Click on “New Connected App” at the top right of your screen
  • Next, you need to configure your connected Salesforce app according to your needs. Here, I start by giving it a name, a reference email and I activate the OAuth parameters to activate and configure the authentication of my application.
  • Finally check the box “Require a secret for the web server stream”.
  • Click “Save” and your connected Salesforce app is created. Appointment in the application manager panel to verify that everything is ok.

2. Create the Salesforce API Connection

On Vizir, go to the API connection part to create the Salesforce connector. Follow this guide to create the app .

To help you fill in the fields for the creation of the Salesforce application, here are the values to indicate:

  • api base url: https://yourcompany–
  • authentication type: Oauth2
  • client_id: value retrieved in step 1
  • client Secret: value retrieved in step 1
  • grant_type: authorization_code
  • authorize Host: if you are on a Salesforce test environment or if you are on a prod environment.
  • authorize Path: /services/oauth2/authorize
  • token Host:
  • token Path: /services/oauth2/token
  • authorize Options: {
    "client_id" : "{{CLIENT_ID}}",
    "redirect_uri" : "{{redirect_uri}}"
  • token Options:

    "grant_type" : "{{grant_type}}",
    "client_id" : "{{CLIENT_ID}}",
    "client_secret" : "{{CLIENT_SECRET}}",
    "redirect_uri" : "{{redirect_uri}}"

You can validate the integration that will allow you to connect your chatbot to your Salesforce account.

3. Create the necessary actions for your use case

To create the actions, you will need to follow the following documentation:

4. Configure the connected application in Vizir

In this part I will take the example of creating a Case in Salesforce.

  • Once you have created the workflow to create your Case (or any other object), add a step corresponding to your need.
  • Click on “Connect”. And finally, all you have to do is add the Subject (or the required fields of your other object).

It’s your turn !

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