How to login to Jira

You use Jira Service Desk to manage your tickets internally.

You can visit our site to view all the actions that you can implement between Jira and your chatbot.

In this article, we will see how to create your own Jira application and connect it to Vizir.

1. Creating the Jira app

  • Fill in the name of the application, accept Jira’s terms of use and validate the creation of the application.
  • You should arrive on a page similar to this one. You can edit the name of the application, the description, change the icon (avatar) of this one.
    In the second part you will need the client ID and Secret to connect the application we have just created to Vizir.
  • Go to the OAuth2 (3LO) part and enter the following call back url:
  • Now we are going to add the rights to our application. Click on + Add on the left of the screen in the API AND FEATURES section, then click on Add for the Jira Service Desk API application
  • Finally, we will configure the rights of this API.
    Add the following rights:
    Manage Jira Service Desk customers and organizations
    Create and manage Jira Service Desk requests
    You should have a view like below.

2. Creation of the Jira application on Vizir

On Vizir, go to the API Connection section to create the Jira connector. Follow this guide to create the application:

Here are the settings you will see for creating the Jira app:

Fill in the fields with the values below:

  • BaseUrl:{{cloudId} }/rest/servicedeskapi
  • Description: add talking description to help app users
  • Authentication Type: OAuth 2
  • Client ID: paste the value we retrieved in step 1
  • Client Secret paste the value we retrieved in step 1
  • Grant Type: Select authorization_code
  • Authorize Host:
  • Authorize Path: /authorize
  • Token Host:
  • Token Path: /oauth/token
  • Authorize Options:
    “client_id”:”{{CLIENT_ID} }”,
    “scope”:”{{scope} }”,
    “redirect_uri”:”{{redirect_uri} }”,
  • Token options:
    “grant_type”: “authorization_code”,
    “customer_id”: “{{CLIENT_ID} }”,
    “client_secret”: “{{CLIENT_SECRET} }”,
    “redirect_uri”: “{{redirect_uri} }”

3. Creation of Jira actions

Jira actions will be those that you will use directly in your chatbot’s workflows. In the case of Jira you can imagine many use cases visible on our website:

Then, follow the following doc to create an action.

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