Create a protected webhook type action for an API protected by Oauth2

If you do not understand this sentence, it is normal. Just send this doc to your developer friend!

If you don’t want to add all the actions of an API, you can simplify your life and create a single “webhook” type action that your users can customize to perform all actions.

here is an example

  • Create the API integration by following the guide on creating an integration ( see the doc )
  • Add a first (and last) action.
  • Fill in all the fields as below

path: you can define the path as a variable. Since it will most certainly contain “/” do not forget to put 3 braces.

method: Select {{request_type} } to allow your users to modify the type of request

For the payload, just specify {{body} } to allow the user to format the request body himself.

Finally, leave the response field empty because the response will be different depending on the API path used.

Then click View action settings to customize the field type of:

  • path (input type: input, vendor type: string)
  • request_type (Input type: input, vendor type: string)
  • body (input type: json, vendor type: object)

Once validated you can take advantage of the connection to the Oauth2 API for all API routes.

It’s your turn !

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