Work less, do more

Vizir is a no code chatbot builder that combines artificial intelligence, knowledge management, live chat,  and deep automations. With Vizir, your teams spend less time on repetitive work, and get more things done.

Create a chatbot that understands natural language

The number one job of a chatbot is to understand what a person says in natural language. Vizir uses the latest technology in terms of natural language understanding to ensure an unparalleled level of performance with minimal training.

Add content to your chatbot in no time

Vizir allows you to add new content to your chatbot without a single line of code, all in no time. You can use our content templates (FAQ, conditional trees, forms, scoring, quizzes, …) that allow you to add content in two minutes. Already have content? We’ve thought of everything. Vizir connects to your structured knowledge base.

Your chatbot is already connected to 50+ business apps

The magic of a chatbot happens when it is able to perform a task for your user such as searching for personalized information (delivery date, contract guarantee), or performing a complete action (reset a password, create an account, …). Vizir connects to over 50 business applications natively. Zero code!

Take over control of conversations

Sometimes conversations are a little more complex than expected! Vizir allows your team to take over your bot and live chat with users that need human assistance. Vizir allows you to manage this service with complete peace of mind: email notifications, slack or Teams, opening hours, etc…

Real time quality data to train your chatbot

With Vizir you have a complete dashboard that allows you to understand the overall behavior of your chatbot. Display the most consulted scenarios, the negative feedback from your users, the rate of understanding of your artificial intelligence, etc…

You're in good company

"With Vizir, prepare to supercharge
your organization with innovation and productivity."

“Vizir technology is constantly evolving which allows them to continually improve both the end user and admin experience.”

Pacal Lheureux

IT Manager, Immobilière 3F

“The tool gets up to speed very quickly and the Vizir team is always at your side!

Bonus: super easy integration with our IT tools.”

Eric Faugère

Innovation Manager, Allianz

“An easy set up as well as an adapted and easy to use customization.

Vizir’s teams are also on hand to help with the bot setup!”

Nicolas Gauvrit

IT Manager, Adapei Aria