Install a chatbot on Microsoft Teams

You have finished and tested your chatbot, deploy it now on Teams!

Step 1 - Link the Vizier bot to teams

On Teams, access the“Developer Portal” application by clicking on the “.“in the Teams ribbon.

In the“Tools” tab, click on“Bots management” and then click on“New Robot“.

In the“Configure” tab, enter the following endpoint address: https: //

In the tab “Client secret key” tab, click on “Add a secret key“and copy it.

Go back to the“Bot management” menu and copy the bot ID.

In Vizir, access your Bot. In the“Sharing” tab, then“Teams“, enter :

  • Bot ID
  • Secret

Step 2 - Configure the teams application

Go back to the Developer Portal, click on the“Apps” tab and add a“New application“.

Fill in the name of your application and click on“Add“.

In the“Basic information” tab, enter a short description of the application and then a more detailed description.

Then fill in the information below:

  1. Developer Information:
  2. Application URLs:
  3. Application (client) ID

    Enter thebot ID here(retrieved in the previous step)

Remember to save 

In the“Customization” tab, you will have to add 2 icons to your application:

  1. Icon in color – 192×192 pixels
  2. Transparent Icon – 32×32 pixels

In the“Application Features” tab, click on“Robot“.

Now enter thebot ID (retrieved in the previous step) or select it from the drop-down menu.

Then activate the checkboxes“Upload and download files” and“Personal” like the image below.

Remember to save

Step 3 - Testing the ChatBot in Teams

In the“Overview” tab of your application, click the“Preview in Teams” button.

If an error appears with the above red message, try to preview your application via the Developer Portal Teams:

You should then have the possibility to add the bot :

Step 4 - Make the bot accessible to your users

After testing and validating the interactions between the user and the chatbot, you will have to make it accessible to your other users.

Select your application in the Developer Portal. Click on the Publish button and then Download the application package.

Once the app is downloaded, go to the admin Teams portal.

In Applications Teams > Manage Applications, click on“Load” and select the .zip of the application.

Then in“Organization-wide application settings“, make sure that custom applications are allowed.

The Bot will now be available in Teams for all your collaborators.

Step 5 - Make the default bot appear in the Teams ribbon

When deploying a Bot in Teams, we strongly recommend pushing the default Bot to your users’ Teams ribbon. This will encourage your users to use it.

To do this, go to the Teams admin center > Applications Teams > Configuration policies.

Select the strategy you want to modify, here“Global“.

In“Pinned applications” click on“Add applications“.

In the search field that appears, search for your application and click on“Add“.
Remember to“Save“.

You should now see your Bot pinned in your application ribbon!

NB: It may take 24 hours for the Bot to appear in your users’ ribbons.

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