Guide: practical advice for a successful chatbot project

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Successfully complete a chatbot project in 5 steps

Discover the Vizir team's simple and effective method to increase your chances of making your chatbot project a success, regardless of the technology chosen (yes, we're nice).

The cumulative experience of more than 40 chatbots in production

For more than 3 years, the Vizir team has created, with its customers, more than 40 chatbots which are now all in production.

We have closely followed the evolution of the uses and business applications of these chatbots.

At the beginning of our adventure, we spent a lot of time understanding what our prospects meant by chatbot. Everyone had their vision, their imagination around these programs.

We had to refine our vision of the market and the product to ensure that we could meet the demands, or pass our turn and direct the prospects towards better solutions.

It is therefore first of all this question that we address in the white paper: what is a chatbot, and what type of chatbot corresponds to your project?

We translate your wishes into a technical brief, which already eliminates 70% of the chances of making a mistake!

Vizir or not Vizir, we give you the solution to make your chatbot project a success

Based on this brief, we know what kind of technology you’re best off using to maximize your chances of success. 

And if Vizir is not the best technology to achieve this, we tell you in this white paper. 

And in addition we offer you several technologies that could work. 

Yes, the chatbot industry is still very young. We prefer to give you the keys to have a great first chatbot experience. And if one day you have a project on which we are relevant, then you may think of us! 

people, the key to a successful chatbot project

Once you put the right technology in front of the need, the rest is human. And this is the most important.

Processes, organization, tests, design, UX, APIs, etc…

We cover all that in this guide to make your chatbot project a success! The best part is that it is valid for all chatbot projects, but also for all slightly complicated digital projects. A real pro method that allows us to manage more than 40 chatbots in production with a small team of experts!