Excel: download our template to create a chatbot

They started from an excel to make a vizier chatbot

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Excel: the easiest way to create a chatbot

Our goal at Vizir is to enable anyone to create complex chatbots to spend time on the tasks that really matter.

We democratize the creation of chatbots.

To do this, we invest a lot of time in the Vizir platform, offering a top level interface and making complicated concepts super simple (machine learning, ElasticSearch, APIs, scenarios, etc.).

But we wanted to go one step further and propose a chatbot creation from an interface that everyone knows: Excel.

Creating a chatbot becomes easy for everyone

The purpose of this Excel template is to allow everyone to create a first version of your chatbot by filling in simple Excel cells.

Then we import this Excel into Vizir, and the magic happens!

The algorithm imports each tab as a skill.

It pre-parameters everything, links the skills together.

It even creates basic skills like asking for feedback, solved and unresolved problems, misunderstanding, etc…

Finally, it sets simple actions such as sending emails.

Within seconds, you have a fully functioning chatbot.

Start on excel, continue on Vizir

Once the chatbot is created, it is operational. 

You can test it. And you will certainly have things to change. 

This is where our super intuitive Vizir interface takes over. 

Need to change a content? Add a question? Adapting natural language understanding? 

This is done in real time directly from the platform. 

Thanks to the whole process, you will get a taste for automation via human intelligence, yours, that of the bot manager who trains his chatbot!

A framework for all chatbot projects

Beyond the purely technical utility of the tool (i.e. to create the chatbot in Vizir as such), this Excel file will also allow you to structure the content of your chatbot.

Whether you are in exploratory mode or have a very concrete project, downloading this Excel template will allow you to structure your content and your chatbot in general.

This is a good introduction to understand how chatbot logic works. And above all, an excellent medium for collecting information in a collaborative way.