Automate retail with chatbots

The retail market is booming. The share of online business is increasing every year, and traditional retailers have successfully transformed. Now the orders are pouring in and the number of tasks to be executed is exploding. That’s where chatbots come in, to free up your operational teams’ time while maintaining an exceptional level of satisfaction.

Reduce your customer requests

Each micro-friction in the customer experience generates an email, a call or a message on the networks. Yet you have set up FAQs, but no one reads them. The only solution to drastically reduce the level of demand is to cut off the telephone and emails, and have everything go through a chatbot which will first look for the answer in the documentation, and then create a request if the answer is not not satisfactory.

Increase turnover

The ultimate goal is to increase its turnover. Online more than anywhere else, if your visitor doubts, then they won’t buy. He must find all the answers to his questions instantly. A chatbot is the perfect tool to dispel these doubts and increase your conversion. It is able to understand a natural language question and return the correct answer instantly. Less doubts, more turnover.

Automate your IT processes

The growth of mass distribution also means growth in the operational tasks to be handled. Employees always have more tools to master. Deploying a chatbot to help them use new software, respond to their requests for assistance and completely automate some (new accounts, validations, etc.) frees up time for your operational teams.

Reduce HR flows

The regulations are constantly changing (eg withholding tax), and even more so with the Covid (sick leave, health pass, etc.). Questions to the HR department are constantly increasing. A chatbot allows your employees to find the answers to their questions instantly while freeing up valuable time for your HR teams.

They digitize their industry with a vizier chatbot

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