Simplify property management with chatbots

Real estate is changing to become more digital. From construction planning (BIM) to the management of large-scale tenants (social landlords, etc.), the needs for chatbots are numerous. They have the power to make life easier for users by reducing the number of support requests.

Services to tenants

The rental management of large buildings requires large-scale assistance from tenants. Questions about the contract, minor repairs and maintenance are becoming more and more numerous. Ditto for the management of certain claims, or the reporting of problems. Chatbots allow tenants to have an instant answer to their question, and to contact support in a structured way.

Automate IT processes

Like all large organizations, real estate companies are digitally transforming. The more new management tools are introduced, the more the requests for assistance multiply. Chatbots provide an automatic response in 40% of cases and automate certain end-to-end processes with a 95% success rate.

They change real estate with Vizir

Our chatbots are changing real estate