Increase public service with chatbots

The public sector is on the front line, the needs and use cases are endless. Automation and digital are essential to deliver ever more services to fellow citizens. Chatbots have proven their effectiveness internally and externally in streamlining processes and providing immediate service to users.

Innovate quickly

Public administration CIOs must often react quickly to unforeseen external constraints (Covid, etc.). Chatbots allow you to launch services in record time, and Vizir is the most intuitive solution in this category.

Secure data

CIOs of public organizations need to pay close attention to securing their infrastructure and data. Vizir is deployed by default in SaaS mode, with a 100% French architecture. You can also install the solution on your servers.

Automate IT processes

To be more efficient, public administrations are transforming the tools and methods of collaboration. This change is effective in the medium term, but may cause an increase in support tickets. Chatbots are a great way to make employees more autonomous on IT topics. They can also automate complete processes such as account creation or password renewal.

Support users

The implementation of new services must be accompanied by user assistance. Chatbots have proven their effectiveness in guiding users to new tools and software. They can offer step-by-step guides (guided tours) for new users. They can then answer questions posed in natural language. All this improves the overall use of the tool and reduces stress on the support.

they offer more public service with vizier chatbots

Our chatbots are changing the public sector