Chatbots for more human insurance

Insurance companies use Vizir chatbots to provide an exceptional customer experience while taking into account regulatory, technical and security constraints.

How Vizir chatbots streamline
all the insurance processes?

Insurance companies need to transform quickly to deliver the perfect customer experience. Nothing worse than a bad surprise from your insurer. Many of our clients are insurers concerned with better communicating insurance policies, simplifying claims reporting and reducing the manual and repetitive workload for both the client and the insurance managers.

Chatbots that explain

better understand its
insurance policy

Insurance products can be complex. Chatbots make guarantees easy to understand to avoid unpleasant surprises. These chatbots are deployed on subscription sites or on beneficiary areas in order to clarify customer guarantees.

Chatbots that streamline complex processes

10x less time to file a claim

Reporting a claim is never fun. Firstly because it means we have a problem, then because the process as such is tedious (calling insurance, waiting 15m on the phone, not having all the documents at hand, not having follow-up of the file in real time). Chatbots make it possible to divide by 10 the time of claim declaration.

Chatbots to automate scoring

Reduce the time for
analyze a claim

Once a claim is declared, a human management is in charge of qualifying it and deciding what to do about the expertise (send a physical expert, do it by video, reimburse immediately, refuse the claim,…). A chatbot is able to integrate these management rules to carry out a first sorting among the files. This filters claims and saves your managers a lot of time.

They change their insurance with Vizir

Our chatbots are changing insurance