Chatbots for the industry of tomorrow

Organizations in the manufacturing industry are pioneers in the automation of their core business: manufacturing, assembly lines. Their teams are therefore well placed to transpose this automation mentality into the teams. And chatbots are the perfect tool for that!

Improve IT processes

IT is at the center of all organisations. Employees must be able to work remotely on confidential subjects that affect the company’s product. CIOs must offer reliable digital tools and support change. Chatbots are formidable allies in this scenario: more autonomy for employees, fewer tickets to deal with, more automated processes.

Follow HR transformations

Production tools change. They are becoming more and more digital. The skills required for the same job also change. HRDs must support this change by identifying the skills of the future, offering appropriate training and helping employees follow them through to the end. When teleworking becomes the norm, chatbots are the obvious link between HRDs and employees.

Streamline the customer experience

Excellence in the customer experience is also expected in B2B and B2C. Your customers expect to have precise and instantaneous information on the products they buy. And in the industry, it’s not always easy. Product catalogs can include thousands (millions?) of different products. Chatbots automatically ingest catalog and know in real time if the product is available, what is the delivery time, what are its dimensions, …

Take care of your partners

More than 75% of the finished products come from an external partner. To be better than your competitors, you must take care of your relationship with your partners and your distributors. Chatbots allow you, for example, to streamline the referencing of new partners: no more horrible Excel extensions to fill out! They also allow your partner to get instant answers on the status of their invoices.

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