Increase software usage with chatbots

Your customers use a lot of software. To make a difference, you must offer an intuitive interface. Chatbots allow you to accompany your users during their first connection so that they discover the key concepts and functionalities. They then allow them to discover the full power of the tool and obtain instant support.

Take care of the first use

The first connection is crucial. You need to show enough to convey the power of the software, without overwhelming the user with too many options. Chatbots are very effective in guiding your users when first connecting to the software. It shows them the important things and pushes them to take the actions that matter. 

Train your users

Your software is constantly evolving, and you need to communicate new things to your users. You also need to introduce them to the advanced features that make the difference. A chatbot offers dedicated paths according to the level of the user on the platform. It guides them step by step in using advanced features.

Support always connected

Your customers use your software at any time of the day. If they have a question, they must find the answer right away. Otherwise they leave you a support ticket and leave the platform. As a Product Manager, this is your nightmare. A chatbot provides a useful response in 80% of cases and keeps your user on the platform.

Human help in live chat

In some complex cases, the chatbot cannot solve the problem for your customer. You can set your chatbot to notify you if certain behaviors appear. You then take the conversation in hand and can help the user in real time. This is the excellence of customer success in its purest form!

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