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Regulations change regularly, and that's good. Companies, employees and
consumers are better protected. But the lawyers have more work to do. And sometimes not a very funky job.
Vizir chatbots help legal teams keep pace.

Our contents to create your legal chatbot

Lawyers in large companies use Vizir to free up their teams’ time while offering a highly interactive format for accessing legal information: the chatbot. Chatbots can first answer the most frequent legal questions on a given subject (the RGPD, commercial relations, the Sapin 2 Law,…). They can go further by allowing the creation of standard contracts (NDA, services, bank guarantees, etc.).

create a legal chatbot by importing an Excel faq

Import your legal know-how via Excel in a few minutes

At Vizir, we believe that technology should be used to serve the business. Lawyers must remain lawyers, and be helped by technologies like ours.

This is why we have developed a way to turn an Excel file into a FAQ chatbot. You fill in the Excel, we turn it into a chatbot. Period.

a chatbot that understands legal language

A top level understanding of language, able to handle legal jargon

Legal chatbots must be able to understand many complex topics in natural language. This requires the use of the latest technology available in this field. And at Vizir, we use a unique mix of machine learning and ElasticSearch for ideal understanding performance, whatever your legal chatbot use case.

Create contracts with a legal chatbot

Go as far as creating contracts to save time

Answering frequent questions from employees is great. But we prefer to look a little further ahead. Vizir allows your employees to create standard drafts of contracts, which are then reviewed and corrected by your legal team.
You save time, you are happy!

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