Create an IT chatbot with Vizir

Vizir allows you to create a powerful IT chatbot, able to understand natural language via machine learning, holding advanced conversations and performing tasks in complete autonomy.

How can Vizir help your IT team to work better?

CIOs around the world use Vizir to enable their employees to talk to a single point of contact for all IT issues, capable of giving them an actionable response in real time. Employees never get stuck again. IT teams can handle the most complex cases. 

Help your colleagues anytime, anywhere

Reduce your IT support tickets
by 50%

On average, employees have to work with 40 business applications on a monthly basis. Support requests are coming in. Your support is constantly solicited, and wastes time on simple questions. Delegate these tasks to a chatbot available on Teams or Google Chat, and reduce the number of tickets by up to 40%.

natural language to qualify tickets

5x faster
to process support tickets

Too many tickets are incomplete and require further qualification before processing. A Vizir chatbot can qualify the request in natural language to create a perfectly informed ticket.

an intelligent chatbot thanks to APIs

More autonomy for
your employees

Nothing worse than being stuck for computer reasons. A Vizir chatbot helps your employees do what they need to do in real time, without human assistance. It just works.

They trusted us for their IT chatbot

Our IT chatbots

Connect your chatbot
to your ITSM applications

Vizir connects to over 20 IT business applications. We work with all ITSM tools.

What if the connector does not exist? No problem, our webhooks can connect to any REST API.