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Vizir enables HR teams to provide a super advanced level of employee service! Our chatbots can handle classic FAQs and even automate internal HR tasks such as retrieving pay slips, requesting vacations, etc.

How can Vizir help your HR be more agile?

HRDs are the keystone of business agility. They enable the cohesion of an organization in an increasingly digital and nomadic world. They anticipate tomorrow’s jobs and internal needs to make the company more resilient. The time of HRDs is precious. Vizier is there to make you win.

A 24-hour response to the most frequent requests

40% of applications to the
less HR department

HR issues are on the rise, and telecommuting is not helping. Leaves, pay, remuneration, benefits, transportation, regulations,… HR teams find themselves responding to dozens of similar requests per day. A Vizir chatbot allows you to provide a precise answer, 24/7 to your employees while freeing up precious time for your team.

take care of your employees

90% opening rate
for a chatbot companion

More than ever, HR departments are responsible for the well-being of employees: telecommuting, parental leave, visual fatigue, health at work ... The chatbot hosted on Teams, Webex, or Google Chat allows you to communicate effectively with your employees. A unique bond that offers you the opportunity to make their lives better.

take up the challenge of training

+75% of courses from
completed training

Competency management is a major issue for HR departments and employees. Vizir chatbots allow you to design personalized training courses according to profiles (goodbye to incomprehensible Excel templates) and to follow your employees throughout their training courses to encourage them to complete them.

What your chatbot can already do for
make your HRD super agile

Our no-code technology embeds off-the-shelf chatbot skills to allow you to go much faster in deploying your HR chatbot. These skills have been developed by HR experts. You can then customize them to your liking.

Answer frequently asked questions about payroll, covid-19, leave, training, recruitment or QWL.


Offer personalized support to improve visual health at work.
Accompany parents returning from parental leave to help them in their new life.
Alcohol Free Month
Challenge your employees to go alcohol-free for a month.

Training course

Develop a personalized training program for each employee.
Collect applications and assign a score to each profile to speed up sorting.

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Connect your HR chatbot
to your business applications

The intelligence of a chatbot lies in its ability to interact with external tools. Vizir connects to all HR applications on the market: Workday, ADP, JobTeaser, etc...

All in a secure way: your IT department will be happy!