Create a customer support chatbot with Vizir

We are all more and more demanding. Every friction in the customer experience irritates us. We expect a smooth, seamless experience. Vizir chatbots are there to help you satisfy your customers when they are looking for information or want to give you a tip.

How can a Vizir chatbot help you digitalize your customer support?

The digitalization of customer service, whether B2B or B2C, is the central topic of all companies undergoing transformation. It’s hard to offer a customer experience worthy of GAFAM. And yet, the technologies that make it possible are there (yes, we are). Our customer support chatbots make a difference to your customers thanks to the simplicity of creation and thanks to all the APIs available, which allows the chatbot to perform many tasks autonomously.

Help is available everywhere, all the time

46% fewer support requests, more satisfaction

On average, 80% of customer tickets concern 20 subjects. Vizir helps you to automate these 20 topics to the maximum through FAQs, detailed how-to guides, or advanced API automations. The result: a reduction in incoming requests by half, with an average NPS increase.

natural language to qualify requests

5x faster
to process customer requests

When the chatbot doesn't have the answer, it qualifies the request in natural language and sends it to the customer support. The big difference with a classic process lies in the chatbot's ability to qualify the ticket with structured data from what the customer tells us in natural language. Your support team no longer needs to call the customer back to find out more. It processes the request directly.

a real human if needed

3x less time to solve
a request with the live chat

Your customers expect an immediate answer to their question, even if it is a specific case. Vizir allows you to identify special cases and send them to your support team to be handled in an instant chat.

What your chatbot can already do to launch next-generation customer support in a few weeks

Our no-code technology embeds off-the-shelf chatbot skills to allow you to go much faster in deploying your customer support chatbot. These skills have been developed by experts in the customer support business. You can then customize them to your liking.

create a customer support chatbot with Vizir: they did it!

Our customer support chatbots

Connect your customer support chatbot to your business applications

Vizir connects to all CRM applications on the market. This way, your chatbot can modify or create contacts, deals, etc... It can also retrieve real-time data on your sales performance!