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Vizir enables HR teams to provide a super advanced level of employee service!
Our chatbots can handle classic FAQs and go as far as automation
internal HR tasks such as: retrieving pay slips, applying for vacations, etc...

Our contents to create an HR chatbot

The HR profession is being profoundly transformed by the digital age (and even more so since confinement). Many of our HR customers feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the tools on the market, and sometimes prefer to use time-consuming manual processes rather than subscribe to a new tool with a significant risk of being overwhelmed. Nevertheless, they see in Vizir a totally human technology, so versatile that it bends to your team’s requirements without any need for training.

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All HR documents available in real time, in natural language

Pay slips, annual interviews, employment contracts, etc... as many documents as your employees need on a regular basis. And often the only way for them to access them is to contact the HR department.

Vizir enables your employees to find all these documents at any time with a simple conversation.

Say yes to automation

Automate processes to save time and provide better employee service

Yes we know, HR doesn't like the word automation. But we still use it anyway !

Yes, imagine allowing your employees to ask for vacations from Teams, declare their expenses from their cell phone, order meal tickets in a few sentences,...

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chatbot rh recrutement

Next gen hiring process

Create an HR chatbot
for recruitment

Beyond internal HR management, on which we specialize, we also work on recruitment logic.

The objective is not to robotize recruitment, but to offer a more interactive experience for the first level of qualification of candidates. It is simply a qualification questionnaire in chatbot mode, with an ultra high completion rate!

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