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The better it goes, the more demanding the customers are. And the more your boss is too 😋 Chatbots are an excellent way to automatically process a game incoming requests from your customers and users, so that you can concentrate on your core business. only on the most advanced requests.

Our contents to create a customer support chatbot

Customer service is the central topic of the majority of large companies undergoing transformation. The support part is still too manual, too long, and too unsatisfactory. Waiting even 10 minutes on the phone is no longer an option. Neither can you repeat your problem 3 times. Nor not knowing the status of our file. While the customer support chatbots can be annoying (misunderstanding, bad content, etc.), those created by Vizir make the difference thanks to the simplicity of creation (and therefore the richness of the content) and thanks to all the available APIs, which allows the chatbot to perform many tasks independently. 

Say hello {{first_name}}

Create a customer support chatbot that recognizes your users,
even before you've spoken to them

There is nothing worse than having to repeat information you have already given.

Vizir connects to your CRM and any other SSO authentication tool to recognize the user before the conversation begins and thus retrieve his contact information, but also all the information relating to his customer journey (orders, last contacts, etc.).

So easy to use

A standalone troubleshooting
or a live chat session

When you have a question, you want an instant answer.

Your chatbot helps your customer find the answer or solve his problem by himself.

Just in case, you can take over the conversation with our live chat module.


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