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If selling is an art, it is also increasingly a science. You will never have more memory than your CRM.
The complexity of modern times means setting up a CRM and internal tools that make life easier.
of your sales representatives and team leaders. And Vizir allows you to create a CRM chatbot in no time at all!

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Sales, we know that. CRM too. For having tested dozens of them ourselves, but especially for having made chatbots connected to CRMs for many years. In general, we spend too much time digging into CRM, we spend too much money on customizing it, etc… Vizir allows you to free yourself from technique to excel in sales! We’ve done it for ourselves. We do it for our customers. Will we do it for you?

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Talk to your CRM

The problem with sales statistics is that they are often available in several places and you spend hours compiling everything, hoping you don't make a mistake.

Vizir chatbots allow you to do this by connecting to your data sources (Google Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, Quickbooks, etc...) to find out at any time, via a simple query in natural language, how much turnover you generated this week.

Not bad, right?


Generate leads from a chatbot

Strange as it may seem, managing forms for large accounts is often complicated. Good and the user experience is not great either.

Our clients use Vizir chatbots to collect commercial information from visitors to their sites. This information is directly integrated into their CRM and generates actions for the sales representatives.

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ALLIANZ trusted us to create a chatbot connected to their CRM

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