Create a perfect chatbot,
with your own two hands 🙌

Creating a chatbot is complicated. Vizir makes it simple.
Vizir is the most powerful and simple chatbot creation tool on the market.
You take care of the content, Vizir takes care of all the intelligence.
Everything without a single line of code.

For your customers

Given the success of the internal chatbots created by our customers, they naturally asked us to replace their external chatbots with Vizir technology. If you care about your customers as much as your employees, take a look at our use cases.


Create a chatbot the right way thanks to no-code technology

To create a perfect chatbot you need a flawless combination of technology and people. You need to choose the most advanced technology on the market in terms of natural language understanding, conversation management, data aggregation and API connectors. But most of all you need to choose the most intuitive authoring software on the market to be able to make your chatbot evolve constantly with the least amount of time possible. Vizir transforms all this deep tech into an easy-to-use tool, without a single line of code. Creating and training a chatbot almost becomes a game!

Rock solid !

The most robust chatbot technology on the market

We have the chance (or the talent) to convince very large institutions from the very beginning. Working with banks and Ministries when we are still building techno allowed us to think about a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure in terms of performance and security. But our ambition is to serve all companies in the market. All our customers are on the same infrastructure, and therefore benefit from the most robust chatbot technology on the market. You’re welcome 😋

All included, no hidden fees

The clearest pricing
of the market

When you create your startup, you start by building a small product and see if people want it, no matter the price. Then, as you go along, you adapt your financial model. Our current billing model radically breaks market codes. A single fixed rate per chatbot, billed monthly, without commitment, all inclusive. Yes, ALL INCLUSIVE. No setup fee, no variable depending on the number of users. In short, all included.