Tailor-made chatbots

The no-code chatbot creation technology for companies with more than 500 employees adapts to today’s business and sectoral needs. Discover how Vizir can help you transform the way you operate.

Vizir brings deep tech technologies to everyone with its no-code creation software

Create a chatbot in agile mode with no-code

To create a perfect chatbot requires a seamless blend of technology and human. You need to choose the most advanced technology on the market in terms of natural language understanding, conversation management, data aggregation and API connectors. But above all, you must choose the most intuitive creation software on the market to be able to constantly evolve your chatbot while spending as little time as possible. Vizir transforms all this deep tech into a simple to use tool, without a single line of code. Creating and training a chatbot becomes almost a game!

Solid as a rock (big up to nadiya)

The most robust chatbot technology on the market

Nous avons la chance (ou le talent) de convaincre de très grandes institutions dès nos débuts. Travailler avec des banques et des Ministère quand on est encore en train de construire la techno nous a permis de penser une infrastructure technique dernier cri en termes de performances et de sécurité. Mais notre ambition est de servir toutes les entreprises du marché. Tous nos clients sont sur la même infrastructure, et bénéficient donc de la technologie chatbot la pus robuste du marché. De rien 😋

all-inclusive, you have it all figured out

The clearest rates
of the market

When you create your startup, you start by building a small product and see if people want it, regardless of the price. Then, as time goes by, we adapt our financial model. Our current billing model is a radical departure from the market. One fixed price per chatbot, billed monthly, no commitment, all inclusive. Yes, ALL INCLUSIVE. No setup fee, no variable depending on the number of users. In short, everything included.