Need to work miracles ?

Software for creating chatbots for agile teams 

Vizir is a software that allows you to create and manage chatbots integrated with your business applications without any coding skills required. Your teams and your customers deserve it !


They are agile with Vizir

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Understanding of human language

Understand everything effortlessly

The number one job of a chatbot is to understand what a person says to it, in natural language. Vizir is based on the latest technology in natural language understanding to ensure an unparalleled level of performance with minimal training.

“Thanks to its high level of understanding, our Vizir chatbot relieves our team and allows us to focus on the more technical aspects of our tool.”

Gabriela Belaid, Project Director

conversation logic

An impeccable logic

A chatbot is then judged by the content it distils. It’s the bot manager’s job to manage all this. And it’s our job to make the bot manager’s life easier. The Vizir platform allows you to create complex scenarios without having to worry about logic. We save our bot managers thousands of hours of setup time every month.

“The basic administration is really simple. You can start emailing the tool in a few minutes. For more advanced skills, a few hours of training is enough!”

Sébastien Levrot, Business Relationship Manager

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Native API Coordinators

Infinite APIs

A chatbot is only useful if it is able to interact with your business applications. We have developed a unique API connector engine that allows your chatbot to connect natively to more than 100 applications on the market. We add 5 per month. You won’t find better elsewhere.

“Vizir allows us to connect to our internal applications without a single line of code.”

Eric Faugère, Innovation Manager

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