Create a powerful chatbot in a few weeks
Clear, clean and no surprises


Use Vizir on your own to create your chatbot
1 450 par mois / bot
  • Unlimited conversations
  • Unlimited contents
  • Unlimited API connectors
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Customizable reports
  • Live chat support
  • Online training and documentation
  • Secured SaaS hosting
  • Data securely stored in France

We can do everything
for you for an extra
1000€ / month

Creating a chatbot, even with a no-code technology as simple as Vizir, requires some mental gymnastics. Also you may not have the time to manage the chatbot internally. So we provide you with a chatbot expert, who takes care of creating, training and optimizing the chatbot for you.

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No! Vizir is one of the only fully SaaS platforms on the market. The price of the license depends on the type of functionalities you need, but above all on the level of support you wish to have. The 990€/month offer gives you access to all the Vizir documentation and support, with two implementation assistance sessions. The €1,990/month offer gives you access to a Vizir expert who is in charge of advising you on the features to be implemented, who implements a chatbot v0 for you, and who trains and monitors your team in managing and optimising the chatbot over time!

All our subscriptions are without obligation. Vizir has no reason to exist if your catbot of you brings no value. By removing the commitment that you will usually find with our competitors, we oblige ourselves to work only on cases of use that have value. This ensures that you will get value from our collaboration. If you are satisfied and want to use our platform on a long term basis, subscribing to an annual offer allows you to save 1 month of subscription per year.

Vizir does not limit you in the number of conversations per chatbot. Very clearly, you will pay the same price if your chatbot performs 1000 conversations per month, or 100,000 conversations per month. Charging per conversation makes no sense to us. Not all conversations are the same. And charging per successful conversation is a headache. Our goal is to get your chatbot used as much as possible in your community. Removing per conversation billing allows you to focus on adopting the chatbot rather than controlling your costs.

No, one license = one chatbot. If you want to create a chatbot for a completely different subject, you will have to subscribe to a second license. The notion of chatbot can be quite broad. Our experts will give you the most objective recommendations as to whether you need one or more chatbots. Of course, commercially we have every interest in selling you several chatbots. In short, the only limit lies in the training of the NLU and the content management. The more different subjects you have in a single chatbot (HR / IT / Legal / …) the more the NLU is likely to make mistakes in understanding, and the more difficult it will be for you to keep the chatbot in good shape.

It depends on the task your chatbot automates and the KPIs you want to improve. If your goal is to free up time for your teams, then on average the chatbot has to save you at least 0.3 FTE to be profitable. If your goal is to improve customer satisfaction, it is less obvious to calculate! If your goal is to generate leads, divide the cost of the license by your current acquisition cost and you will have the number of leads that the chatbot should get you. Estimate the ROI of my chatbot.

Before starting, the Vizir experts will challenge you on the process to be automated. Once the process and the chatbot’s objective have been determined, you will create the content with Vizir. Then a Vizir expert will take charge of creating the chatbot. Then starts an agile phase where we test, train and modify the chatbot to make it perfect. Find out how a chatbot project works.

If you work on your own and are efficient, a few weeks will be enough to launch your first chatbot. If you opt for implementation by a Vizir expert, it will take an average of 6 weeks of work before your chatbot goes into production.

Of course! Remember, Vizir is a software that allows the creation of chatbots by people, business experts, who do not have development skills.