Helping your users with
selfcare chatbot procedures

Solving a problem sometimes boils down to performing a few simple operations. Your chatbot is able to do this easily thanks to self care procedures.

A chatbot that helps to solve problems independently

It is very often relatively simple to solve a computer problem.

Legend even says that unplugging and plugging a device or computer back in solves the problem in 80% of cases.

Linear procedures ensure that your chatbot helps the user solve the problem by following a few simple steps.

This is often done by the first level of IT or customer support on the phone. Before creating a ticket that will be managed by a level 2, the call center agent will guide the user through a series of steps (you’ve probably already experienced it for your internet box problems


The logic behind self-care procedures is the same as for conditional scenarios. That is to say mainly pre-programmed logic trees.

The main difference lies in the type of logic we will use. It is standard and linear. The chatbot will present successive steps and propose 3 choices:

  1. go to the next step
  2. declare the problem as solved
  3. say that it is impossible for me to do what I am asked to do (and create a ticket)

And so the operations are linked together until a complete procedure is created.

Import your Selfcare procedures from excel

Once we had managed to model a standard way of carrying out self-care procedures, we decided to make it possible to import these procedures into Vizir from an Excel spreadsheet (it’s faster).

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