Reset a Microsoft password
from a chatbot

The proportion of ITSM tickets concerning passwords is always impressive: 30% of the total number of tickets!

And this is the most critical issue for employees: without passwords, you can’t work. 

Handling these tickets manually is a big waste of time for everyone: your support team with other things on their mind, and your users twiddling their thumbs while they wait for their password. 

So we have developed a chatbot skill that can securely and automatically reset your employees’ Microsoft passwords. 

See the use case on video (in French for now, but you’ll get the idea) !

Reset a Microsoft Azure AD password
from a chatbot

A large majority of companies work with Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) solution. This is a summary of the email accounts of your employees. 

This AD is in fact your directory. It contains the list of your employees, the related information (last name, first name, position, workplace, manager, phone number). As well as the rights these users have. 

With the revolution of the Cloud Computing, many companies moved to Azure AD. It is simply Microsoft’s Active Directory hosted in the cloud (Azure). 

The beauty of the thing is that Azure AD is brand new and has nice APIs. These APIs allow us to trigger a password reset procedure directly from a Vizir chatbot !

Concretely: if you create an ITSM chatbot capable of answering questions on Microsoft 365 or creating tickets on Easyvista, you will be able to add the possibility of resetting a password on Azure AD. 

Result: a large number of fewer tickets to process 🔥🔥 

Reset the passwords of your
other enterprise apps

Companies manage passwords in two ways: either their AD centralizes all passwords (you only have one password for all apps), or you have one password per application (not cool). 

If you are in the first case then so much the better, resetting the Microsoft password will do the job for all the other applications. 

If you have a different password per application, then Vizir can also allow you to reset a password for each application (provided that an API route is available for this purpose).

Reset a Microsoft password,
no-code required

This feature is already available for all chatbots created on Vizir, without a single line of code. 

All you have to do is activate it and fill in the API information for Microsoft Azure AD.

You then define the security questions to ask your users. 

You publish, and BOOM it’s done!


A recurring and relevant question! If the user has lost his Microsoft password then yes, he will not be able to connect to SharePoint, Teams etc… But the Vizir chatbot can be made available in other places: on the workstation login page, via SMS (rather cool), on any web page, etc…

It is through security issues that you will ensure that Michel does not request a password reset for Jacqueline. 

We only store the temporary password, for a temporary period of time, so… We have to transmit it to the user so that he can complete his reset completely.

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