Match similar ITSM issues
with a chatbot

Matching similar issues in an ITSM tool from a chatbot is an effective way to avoid creating unnecessary duplicate issues. Indeed, if a problem is already identified and affects a group of collaborators, you will end up with a number of similar issues.

Your support team will therefore process the tickets one by one, make countless copies and pastes, forget certain issues, etc… With Vizir you can create a chatbot that, before creating a ticket, can search the existing ticket database for similar tickets, and offer the user to link to an existing ticket rather than create a new one.

Check out this vidéo (in French, but you’ll get the idea).

Match similar issues with a chatbot on any ITSM tool

Vizir connects with almost all the ITSM tools on the market: Easyvista, ServiceNow, MicroFocus, Qualidesk, etc. without a single line of code.

The APIs of these tools allow us to match issues according to their title, description, or even better on certain structured data such as the name of the application concerned.

Match similar issues with a chatbot available on Microsoft Teams or Google Chat

This feature is a real asset to reduce the number of issues created at the IT support. But it works ONLY if your employees talk to the chatbot. If they don’t know it exists, all the work is for nothing. 

So you have to install the chatbot where your employees are. These days, chances are they are on Microsoft Teams or Google Chat.

In any case, this feature is often coupled with other features such as creating issues, issuestatus, FAQ Office or Google Apps etc…

Your chatbot thus becomes the central entry point for all IT requests of the group.    

Match similar issues with a chatbot without a single line of code

At Vizir we are adept at what is known as no-code. Born in an agile and digital world, these values are the norm for us. 

This feature is complex because it involves a whole range of advanced technologies: NLU, ElasticSearch, and APIs. But it only takes a few minutes to implement it on your chatbot. Some of our most enlightened (or curious) customers even create this feature in total autonomy. 


It’s up to you to set all this up. By default we will search in the title of the issue and its description. We can also go a little further.

It depends on your ITSM tool. In general, all users attached to the same issue receive emails for each issue progress.

Yes! Vizir is available in Cloud and On Premise mode. In cloud mode, we will need to connect to your ITSM via VPN. In On Premise mode, we connect directly to it.  

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