Know the status of an issue
instantly with a chatbot

Chatbots are a handy tool that allow your employees to create tickets in your ITSM tool when they are unable to solve the user’s problem on their own. 

But even stronger than creating issues, we have developed a skill that will allow your chatbot to know the status of an ITSM issue!

Watch this video instead (in French for now, but you’ll get the idea), which shows an example of how to retrieve the status of an issue in Easyvista.

Know the status of an issue on any ITSM tool

If we have put here the video of an Easyvista chatbot, you should know that Vizir also connects with all the other ITSM tools on the market: ServiceNow, MicroFocus, Qualidesk, etc… without a single line of code.

As long as your tool has an accessible REST API, and this API provides a route that allows you to retrieve the status of a ticket, then we’re good!

You should know that all the tools on the market in SaaS mode already have this route available. 

If you are using an on premise version then you will have to check your version number. If you are not too late on updates, you should have an API available. 

If not, we can also use SOAP protocols (ancestor of REST).

If you use an in-house ticketing tool (yes it exists), we can also connect through our webhooks management tool! 

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