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Google Suite (more commonly known as G Suite, and recently renamed Google Workplace) is Google’s suite of business collaboration tools.

It is the direct competitor of Microsoft Office 365.

You will find the equivalents of Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Teams, SharePoint. Namely respectively G Sheets, G Slides, G Drive, G Mail, G Chat, G Site (yes, Google’s teams did not go into too much detail about the names of its applications 😋).

G Suite is starting to carve out a significant market share in productivity software, which is mainly dominated by Microsoft Office 365 (and Office for short too).

Covid has boosted the use of G Suite, with the milestone of 6 million customers passed in April 2020, gaining 1 million paying customers in one year. Google Meet (the video tool of G Suite) would have even made x25 in use since the arrival of Covid.

Google Suite training directly from a chatbot

As more and more of our customers are switching to G Suite, we have decided to launch, as we did for Microsoft Office 365, a chatbot capable of training your employees in the use of all G Suite applications. 

How do I record a video on Meet?

How to collaborate on a Google Slides file?

How to open an Excel file with G Sheets? 

Our chatbot includes answers to more than 1000 questions about all G Suite applications, in French and English.

Then of course there is the G Suite online support.

But three problems remain: 

Not (yet) everyone has the reflex to type their question in Google to get the answer.
Support G Suite answers are generic, poorly translated from English
Above all, some companies have specific procedures that are incompatible with the G Suite help (security procedures, …).

So we thought: let’s create chatbots skills available for all our customers, able to train their collaborators on G Suite, and to answer all support requests!

Immediately said, immediately done 🔥🔥

Google Suite training with a chatbot available on Google Chat

If you use G Suite in your company, you are most likely using Google Chat.

The advantage of chatbots is that they can be integrated with all the messaging channels that companies use: Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Slack, etc…

This means that you talk to a program as if you were talking to a colleague. No more having to scour the intranet to find the Office support site.

Our training chatbots for G Suite can now be available directly in G Chat. 

When a colleague has a doubt, a question, or can’t do something, just go to G Chat and talk to your chatbot. An adequate answer will be given in 85% of the cases. 

G Chat training modules available now, no custom setup needed

We created the entire G Suite training document base in the form of a G Sheet (Excel) file. 

We provide you with the file, you create a copy on your Drive, you modify it if you want, then you import it into your chatbot Vizir and BOUM, it can immediately answer more than 1000 questions on all the Google suite.


On ALL Office 365 applications. And yes you heard right! I’m going to list them here so that we can agree: G Drive, G Docs, G Sheets, G Slides, G Mail.

It is available immediately. In a few minutes, without a single line of code. Usually our customers launch the v0 of their chatbot with the FAQ G Suite and then add more advanced features.

Yes that’s why we went through a G Sheet template that you can copy and modify in real time!

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