Create an ITSM issue
from a chatbot

Creating an issue in your ITSM tool is not always as smooth a process as you would like it to be. Your employees have to log on to the portal and answer questions that are not always clear. Result: your teams waste a lot of time recontacting users to contextualize the problem, qualify and route the issue to the right team. A chatbot allows you to save time and drastically improve your user satisfaction. 

Create issues with a chatbot on any ITSM tool

Vizir connects with almost all the ITSM tools on the market: Easyvista, ServiceNow, MicroFocus, Qualidesk, etc. without a single line of code.

The issues are then perfectly filled in in the tool with the type of request (support request, new account, anomaly declaration, emergency, type of application, etc.). 

The chatbot can also collect valuable information automatically: user ID, browser used, name of the application concerned, date of the problem, etc…

And if you are using an old-fashioned or home-made ITSM tool, don’t worry. Vizir can also create tickets via structured emails or via standard REST API webhooks.

Create issues with a chatbot Teams or Hangout

Making a chatbot to create an ITSM issue may seem a bit simple. In reality, creating an issue is one of the top chatbot’s features (FAQ, procedure, etc…).

The main interest of this feature is to make the issue creation available in your instant messaging tool (Teams or Hangout). No more need to browse the intranet to find the ticket creation form. In the end, fewer calls and more fully qualified tickets. So a faster resolution.   

Create tickets with a chatbot without a single line of code

To create perfect issues, you must be able to create a form for each type of request. You also need to be able to modify the form fields in a simple way, without using the international expert of your ITSM tool.

Vizir allows you to create and modify these forms without a single line of code from a super intuitive interface. Then your chatbot is put into production directly, after a simple click.

It’s everything that CIOs and their support teams dream of in order to become truly agile and provide a 5-star level of service!


You need to simplify the life of your employees. If they spend their days on Teams or Hangout, install the chatbot here. It will then appear as a company contact. If the intranet is the most visited place, install your chatbot here.

Yes, you can make your chatbot handle all requests: incident reports, support requests, new accounts, forgotten password, …

Yes! Vizir is available in Cloud and On Premise mode. In cloud mode, we will need to connect to your ITSM via VPN. In On Premise mode, we connect directly to it.  

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