Answer simple questions
with a chatbot FAQ

Unify all your FAQs into one chatbot only

Documentation is the key to a business that runs like clockwork 👌 

This is a key point for new nomadic companies (like us). 

Everything must be documented and easily accessible so that everyone can find the information they need, at any time of day, anywhere, without outside help. 

This is why we have seen a large number of internal FAQs bloom in all companies. With more or less success… 

Indeed the ROI is rarely there. This failure is often due to a combination of bad UX and user habits. It is always easier to create a ticket than to look for the answer on a FAQ.

EXCEPT ☝ that chatbots have been there. 

They have a big advantage: they unify all your FAQs scattered all over the place (Sharepoint, Confluence,…) into one, available from an internal messaging application (Teams, Hangout, etc…).

Come on, let’s see how it works (video in French right now, but you’ll understand it anyway !)

The tech behind FAQ chatbots

There are many ways to get your chatbot to include FAQs. 

In all cases, the first job of the robot is to interpret the user’s request. This can be done using intention detection or Elastic Search.  

Then you have to decide how the chatbot will respond. There are two options for this: 

  1. Redirect to content in your chatbot: the content is written and managed in Vizir.
  2. Redirect to content external to your chatbot: in concrete terms it sends back a link to your Sharepoint, Confluence, etc… You can do this in two ways :
    1. via API connection
    2. via a parameter passed in the URL (malinx the lynx)

A no-code interface to help you setup your
FAQ chatbot easily

FAQs are not the most complex skills to create in a chatbot. 

But they are long to administer. 

You can have a huge number of topics, and managing the logic and nesting can be a real nightmare. 

Luckily we’ve thought of everything

The FAQ mode in Vizir allows you to simply fill in the subjects to be dealt with, then we manage everything else by nesting. You do not manage any logic. No logic at all. 

Another crazy trick: we have developed a feature that allows you to import an Excel FAQ directly into Vizir. 

faq chatbot

FAQ about FAQs

Yes we have developed FAQ banks that you can activate directly in your chatbot. For example you can add the FAQs of all Microsoft 365 and Google Apps in one click!

You can connect your chatbot to your existing documentation. For example, Vizir can connect to SharePoint to retrieve existing articles and procedures! No need to maintain 2 sources of content (which is a nightmare).

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