Offer top-level customer service with a selfcare chatbot

Customers expect a high-performance level of service: instant response, live chat, reminder of data already provided, transmission of documents online! Our chatbots (the ones that work) are made for that!

Chatbot selfcare: your customers want to manage on their own!

It is very often relatively simple to solve a computer problem.

The legend even says that by unplugging and reconnecting a device or a computer, the problem is solved in 80% of cases.

Linear walkthroughs allow your chatbot to help the user solve their problem by following a few simple steps.

This is often what the first level of IT or customer support does on the phone. Before creating a ticket that will be managed by a level 2, the teleconsultant will guide the user through a series of steps (you have certainly already experienced this for your internet box problems

No need for iA to do the job: selfcare is here

First, to have a chatbot that really helps your customers, you don’t need to use super complicated technologies. Clearly, not necessarily need AI ( if we are aligned with the definition of AI ).

So a selfcare procedure is a simple decision tree that will help your client find their answer with a step-by-step guide. You will explain to him where to find the info, how to solve his problem, to whom to send such a document via simple steps to follow.

You know it better than me, it’s often what level 0 of your telephone support does itself with a customer on the phone.

This is called the shift-lef t in the IT business. It also works for customers. That is to say, we shift the workload from customer service to the customer himself. Instead of having a human read a robotic procedure to the client, a robot distills it to the client.

This is what your chatbot will be able to do with selfcare procedures.

But it's always better with AI

If you have a lot of procedures (like 100 for example), then it can be useful (even necessary) to allow your customers to express themselves in natural language and to push them a dedicated procedure according to their problem. It avoids having to click 40 times to try to find the procedure that answers my request (like what you have in the FAQ for example).

So Vizir allows you to set up natural language understanding algorithms ( detection of intentions , entities , ElasticSearch ).

All with an average comprehension rate of 80%!

No more excuses, it’s up to you!