Advanced features, 0 line of code.

Vizir's chatbots features allow you to deploy the full power of chatbots
(natural language comprehension, Machine Learning, Elastic Search, context management,
memory, API actions, etc.) all without writing a single line of code. The superhero is you!

For your employees

Chatbots for employees require specific features. First of all on the way to share the chatbot: you will opt rather for an internal messaging system like Teams or Hangout. Then on the search capabilities in existing FAQs such as Sharepoint or Jira Confluence. Finally on the APIs to connect, on SSO and data security (cloud vs. on premise)! 

For your customers

Chatbots dedicated to your customers need specific functionalities. The most important is to be able to recognize your users to provide a smooth experience. It is necessary to connect to your CRM and its customer account if it exists. The chatbot will then have to interact with your information system (CRM / ERP) to search for example the status of an order.  


Deep understanding
of your business

After more than 3 years in the chatbot game, we’ve seen hundreds of chatbot projects, and we’ve done dozens of them ourselves in all areas: IT, HR, customer experience, CRM, etc… And as you know, our obsession is to transfer know-how from man to machine as soon as possible, to increase the performance of Vizir and all the other chatbots. A bit like Newton, Vizir rides on the shoulders of giants (you) to see further. The more you know, the more you know, the more you enjoy, the more you perform.

A natural language understanding specialized for each domain

machine learning models

By dint of making a lot of chatbots, we soon got tired of always re-training the same intentions and always setting up the same entities. So as we went along, we built up a precious bank of pre-trained subjects. Result: you can add new comprehension subjects for your chatbot on the fly. You don’t start from scratch, and you go faster to optimize your chatbot. For example: Your chatbot already knows how to answer all the questions about Office 365 or Google Apps. And good news: the more chatbot you make, the more new features are added that are available to everyone.

Already integrated to your business tools

Native integrations with your business applications

Vizir’s big strength is being API-first. In French it means that our code architecture means that all the information collected by your chatbot is perfectly stored in our database. And also that our code respects the latest best practices in terms of data exchange. In the end, it means that your chatbot can be easily interfaced to any business application. So at Vizir, as soon as we have to do an API integration, we’re very happy because when we do it once, we make it available on the shelf for all our customers. The better it goes, the more your chatbot can connect to new applications via API. For free. Without any configuration.